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WordPress Nation

Making WordPress theme building a painless experience

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WordPress offers its users an astounding degree of control over what a website does in ways that makes designing custom features, templates, and designs easy. The only problem is that designing a site from scratch can introduce you to issues you’ve never had before.  From the number of files to keep track of to the sheer variety of plugins and scripts to choose from, we can help you overcome those obstacles and help you avoid them in the future.

To that end, we designed the Themefast Framework, a complete package of WordPress core files that act as a starting package for your website. We’ve included all the files you’ll need, all the plugin support you want, and made it as concise possible. But maybe you want to explore the possibilities, or need help doing something specific. We can help there, too.  With a wide range of services from simply generating shopping cart items for your inventory all the way up to fully designing your site with your needs and vision as our top priority.





Themefast Framework

The Themefast Framework for WordPress is the simplest, fastest way for designers to create new WordPress themes. Themefast is streamlined, compliant with WordPress standards and has funtionality for Bootstrap, Font Awesome, and Animate.css built in! The framework is not a bells and whistle builder theme based on admin options, sub pages, and child themes, it is just a straightforward template that allows you to create a theme quickly and efficiently.

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Be a WP Nation Member

We constantly update our members’ section with new page templates, tips and articles. You can share your own page templates or use the suggestion box to request new templates. Membership includes the Documented Themefast Framework, access to new page templates, as well as tips and articles on how to get the most from the Themefast Framework and WordPress. Of course you can discuss your ideas with others in the WordPress Nation in the forums

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On A Deadline? Let Us Help

While we enjoy providing tools to help speed and ease the process of creating a website we also understand that sometimes you do not have the time, the desire or the expertise to quickly create a site for you or your client. Don’t worry, we have you covered. We offer a variety of services designed to help you give the best possible product to your client. These services range from creation to coding to training. If you have any questions, please email us and a representative will get back to you as soon as possible.